Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wet and Dry

Lake in October, 12"by24" oil/canvas

The light has changed, the colors are more muted and softer, the details are foggier, but that is the way the lake looks now and this painting was from just before those seasonal changes started taking effect.  In October, the light was still crisp and clean and the atmospheric distance was more pronounced.

But for a little diversion, I decided to try my hand at a southwestern scene, an entirely different palette, inventing colors to make a copy of an old sepia Curtis photo, Canyon de Chelly from a century ago.  I think it might be fun to spend some time down in Arizona and New Mexico and really see what those colors are like.

Canyon de Chelly, 16x20 oil/canvas

And then of course there is another portrait study from an old black and white photo, someone long since dead, imagining some color in their face, wondering about the personality behind the eyes.  This boy might have been a runner for Western Union or maybe a street urchin, or perhaps both.

12x16 oil/canvas

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