Saturday, May 14, 2016

Red-headed Mystery Woman

Sometimes a face is just a face, with the person behind it a mystery.  Certain features evoke feelings about personality traits, but are they necessarily accurate?  Large wide-set eyes suggest innocence, but might they not hide a scheming nature?  A long hooked nose is something one would have to become resigned to (unless plastic surgery were an option) and we tend unconsciously to assign certain assumptions to those with extraordinary facial features, don't we?  One more face for the tally.

Entirely off subject, I had to hire a crew of arborists to remove a standing dead grand fir in the back yard: it was 120 feet tall, had died two years ago, and I was concerned that when it finally fell it might hurt or kill someone, so I had it removed piece by piece, a harrowing job for the guy who had to climb it.  Now the ospreys will have to find another perch from which to survey the lake below for dinner.

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