Thursday, November 24, 2016

In Search of a Landscape

This little back road led from Chateau de Panisseau to the little village of Cunege.  We had arrived at our gite and were stretching our legs when a little car zipped by and screeched to a halt.  "Meetch!" we heard from the car.  It was our friend, Andre, a sculptor and mayor of a nearby village.  Suddenly the world didn't seem so large.  The painting proved overly complex, and will take more time if I want to tackle it again in earnest.  The dappled sunlight on the dirt road will take some careful brushwork to seem less splotchy, and the light at the curve in the distance might want to be slightly cooler.

Chateau de Panisseau

Morning at George Rogers Park

This is from a recent morning walk, and the light was dramatic and uplifting.  I was concerned about adding the beach in the foreground, worried that the angle detracted from the composition, and I think I was right.  I'd rather try it without.

This is another view from near the beach, looking back up Oswego Creek to the footbridge.  All three of these landscapes seem to have in common the focal point in the upper center.

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