Friday, December 23, 2016


Sometimes, in putting in the time to practice rendering a face, the underlying structure is so unique and powerful that it makes it feel easy.  Such was the case with Paul Newman, who had such a strong face: the brow, the nose, the cheekbones that seemed to be cut from marble...  it was a pleasure to try to interpret that which made his face unique.

It has been a busy time with little freedom to paint.  I thought briefly of posting some works in progress that stalled out, but decided to spare you all.  A recent trip to Santa Maria/Santa Barbara left me hungry for the chance to paint those hills, vineyards and trees.  The eucalyptus and sycamore trees especially have magnificent form, but I was driving with family and had no opportunity even to pull over to look, and when I did, it was never the best vantage point.  Still, I was consoled with the wine tasting, and nursed my wounded Art Spirit.

Best wishes and merry Christmas to all.

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