Tuesday, March 6, 2018


I needed a break from posting, from painting, from seeing...  Sometimes the other parts of life step in and demand our undivided attention, and even if I am unwilling to give it that much, it seems to take it anyway, removing from me my inspiration or my concentration, or even the desire itself.  And I find that once I have broken my rhythm and fallen out of daily habits, it's hard to start it up again.  When that happens, if I just do some portrait sketching, whether it works out or not, the muscle memory appears to slowly return.

This above is my first attempt at caricature, and maybe it isn't so hard to exaggerate features or expressions a little bit, but I think it must be in the choosing what to emphasize that's tricky.

These are quick exercises, left unfinished; the goal is to convince myself that I can still paint something of what I see.

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